Cork Floor Tiles For Kitchen

Cork Floor Tiles For Kitchen

Cork flooring isn't a new flooring item, actually it's been used for thousands of years. Government and educational buildings have likewise employed this flooring type for rather a long time. It's in the late 20th century that it came more popular with home owners. A great advantage to using cork as a flooring product is the reality it's an all natural inexhaustible resource, rendering it green. That is right, cork is actually a green device, so if you are into the green movement like many others I am sure you'd like to know much more. Cork is really bark that is received from the cork oak tree. The cork oak trees bark is the one species capable of creating commercially worthwhile cork. Farmers will harvest a thin stratum of its bark, typically a few inches thick every 9 years. This particular process doesn't damage the tree and makes it possible for it to continue to thrive. As a result, we do not need to cut down trees to have cork.

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Cork Floor Tiles For Kitchen


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Cork is actually the perfect pick in case you are afflicted by allergies or if you have an illness that demands your living environment to be extremely clean. Because cork is an all natural barrier to insects, common issue insects such as termites and ants can't reach the flooring and infest the building. Moreover, cork is naturally germ resistant meaning that no allergens are able to hid in the floor such as for example with carpet. The floor will not absorb dust or maybe allow any molds or even fungi to develop. It's simple to clean as well as isn't created with any strong chemicals, making it the perfect method for men and women suffering with allergies or perhaps some major illness.

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