Cork Flooring Grey

Cork Flooring Grey

Cork has been utilized at an assortment of capacities for a huge number of years including flooring. Due to all of the amazing properties found naturally in cork, it's a great method for flooring, sound proofing, and of course in wine bottles. Cork is actually taken out of the bark of the cork oak tree. The cork may be harvested after the tree is 25 years of age. And following that, the tree can be harvested every nine years for the rest of the lifetime. Moreover, since each cork oak tree is able to live to be over two hundred years old, cork is a renewable resource, making it a great option for environmentally conscious consumers.

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Cork Flooring Grey


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Cork flooring is a wood based flooring product that is made solely from cork. Cork content is actually entirely from the bark of Quercus suber (cork oak tree). The cork oak tree is the only tree that can provide commercial grade cork for creation as well as manufacturing. One of the best things about cork floors is it's an eco-friendly product. That is right; the wood-based flooring of yours will be green and sustainable for the foreseeable future. This's because of the method of obtaining cork information, which is really the bark of the cork oak tree. A covering of bark (cork) is actually extracted with a cork axe by a professional labor. This particular removal procedure leaves the cork oak tree unharmed and able to re-grow its bark for future harvests. The main advantage of cork flooring is the straightforward fact that it's an environmentally friendly household item.

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