Cork Flooring Tiles Glue Down

Cork Flooring Tiles Glue Down

It is within the late 20th century which it came more popular with home owners. Cork comes out of the bark of this cork oak, a native of southern Europe. Manufactures can also include custom colors to your cork floor when requested. These glue down cork based floors are produced for both residential and commercial grade. Wherever cork flooring interlocking tiles are actually either glued or perhaps nailed down, cork floors sections typically 12" broad by 36" long, are actually "free floated" for easy installation. A fabulous waxy compound called Suberin is found naturally within cork. Any room is actually great to put cork flooring. In the late 20th Century cork flooring surfaces became very popular in the residential area.

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Cork Flooring Tiles Glue Down


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By this point you need to realize that cork is an eco friendly products and great for the environment. Some people may be sold on the product by that easy note while others prefer to know more. Why don't we dig a little deeper into the advantages of cork flooring. The succeeding thing we should point out is all of corks natural resistances. Cork naturally resists water, mold, mildew, pests and allergens. This is because of a chemical that naturally occurs in cork called Suberin. This particular waxy substance makes cork the right flooring substance for areas where it is able to get wet and soil, and be perfect for people with allergies since it's anti-allergenic.

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