Direct Print Cork Flooring

Direct Print Cork Flooring

Cork flooring surfaces are made using cork supplies cork. Interestingly, it's the bark of the cork oak tree. A thin layer of bark is actually taken out of the tree. This thin layer is therefore utilized to make the left and bottle stoppers over bark is actually ground up, compressed into a 4" mold & baked. This baked mold is then used for flooring. Among the huge advantages of cork is actually the fact that it's a sustainable, natural, renewable resource. The technique of harvesting bark from the cork oak tree does not hurt the tree. What this means is the identical cork oak tree could be harvested over and over without it being cut down. Typically the life span of its is actually aproximatelly 200 years, which maturity in the first 10 15 and harvest rates about every 9 years following maturity. So, with this particular flooring option you realize you're experiencing a green item.

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Direct Print Cork Flooring


Vita – Printed Cork Flooring – Oak Greystone – World Floors Direct

Three of the best-selling models of cork flooring are actually Wicanders, by far the best known brand, Globus, and US Floors. Wicanders has been operating a business for about 150 yrs. Aside from pure cork, Wicanders creates flooring content in which cork is multilayered with wood to resemble stone, slate, or planks of stained wood. Globus is the pioneer with regards to colorful cork. Globus is actually a "green" brand. The flooring substance of its comes from cork oak bark as well as its manufacturing procedures are powered by wind. One other "green" brand is US Floors. US Floors uses solar power rather compared to wind. US Floors products come mostly in earth tones, one different being their very popular "Ocean Turquois" offering.

Vita – Printed Cork Flooring – Oak Smoke – World Floors Direct


Cork Flooring – Natural Burl With Charcoal Swirls – World Floors Direct


Hickory Plank Collection – Flintlock – Handscraped (Sample) – World Floors Direct


Direct Print Cork Flooring – Oak Kashmir (Sample)y – World Floors Direct


Cork Flooring – Winding Stream – World Floors Direct


Cork Wall Tile – Rustic – World Floors Direct


Cork Wall Tile – Brick – World Floors Direct


Acacia Plank – Natural – Handscraped – 7.5" Wide Plank – World Floors Direct

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