Glue Down Hardwood Flooring On Concrete

Glue Down Hardwood Flooring On Concrete

Since solid hardwoods are prone to scratches and dents, you have to pay special attention to the species of its (i.e. Oak, Maple, etc.) and how to better look after it. although the amazing thing about strong hardwood floors is that it could be refinished or perhaps re-sanded numerous times, extending its life actually for decades to come. Solid hardwood floors are not difficult to keep. They are resilient and can withstand time. The importance of hardwood floors is evident to homes that are decades of age. Upscale home buyers are prepared to spend a very high price for homes with sound hardwood floors.

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Glue Down Hardwood Flooring On Concrete


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Maunufacturers specifications have to be followed explicitly. You'll need to have some severe sledgehammer, crow bar, and therefore circular saw work in case you ever wish to upgrade that glued down hardwood floor. When you are installing hardwood flooring making use of the glue down method, you are able to rest certain you're making use of a strategy that has been time-tested. In the past, presumptions have stated that all of the maintenance that is required for a wood floor is actually light mopping as well as sweeping. If you are purchasing flooring surfaces from a company and having your own contractor install the flooring you would like to ensure the installer of yours is an expert.

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