Installing Cork Flooring On Stairs

Installing Cork Flooring On Stairs

A neat little truth is cork can basically be compressed by as much as forty % and revisit the design of its with no damage. This procedure doesn't damage the cork oak tree and also makes it possible for it to re grow a new layer of bark. You'll find several benefits of cork floor surfaces for the consumer. In fact, majority of the countries that produce cork have rigid laws protecting these trees as well as the harvesting process. Suberin is actually a waxy sort of substance which makes the cork impervious to water and the cork won't rot if it's exposed to liquid or water such as a hardwood or even laminate. The procedure for harvesting the bark is harmless to the cork oak tree and also leaves it intact.

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Installing Cork Flooring On Stairs


Cork Stairs Installation Bull Nose with Cork Floating Flooring

Cork floors are made with bark coming from the cork oak tree, a renewable learning resource that is harvested without damaging the environment. The cork oak tree grows mainly in Mediterranean areas and could live up to 200 years. During the cork oak tree's lifecycle, the bark may be harvested up to twenty times. Although cork is made with a woody material, it's not as easily damaged by changes in humidity as hardwood or bamboo. Overall, the cellular composition of cork is incredibly dense. This permits cork floors to hold up well against most falling objects, moved furniture and high levels of foot traffic. So long as cork flooring is appropriately sealed, it can withstand exposure and spills most to moisture with no damage.

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