Optical Illusion Bathroom Floor

Optical Illusion Bathroom Floor

The theory of a luxurious wood flooring in the bathroom may seem good, though it is fraught with all sorts of issues. A wood floor needs to be impeccably installed to be able to stand a chance in the bathroom, in which moisture as well as standing water is able to kill it quickly flat. Plus, wood must be finished in a highly accurate manner in order to make a go of it. If you would like the look of wood in a material that can greatly tolerate the perils of the bathroom, laminate flooring may be for you. It is readily available in many wood style finishes that will make your bathroom look impressive.

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Optical Illusion Bathroom Floor


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The best part about bath room floor ceramic tiles is that they suit virtually any decor type. You are able to choose very simple strong colors as cream or even white and combine it with chrome fixtures, white rugs and potted plants to give the bathroom of yours a contemporary look and feel. In order to add a dash of color, combine light strong colors like white or cream with colored flooring at the border. You are able to find tiles with patterns designed especially to create very good borders. To illustrate, a cream floors is usually bordered by black tiles with cream print on it or simply plain black tiles. Another good suggestion is usually to arbitrarily intersperse brightly colored tiles on a white tiled floor. You are able to also experiment with colored grout. Blue, red, yellow or green grout adds color along with an element of fun to the bathroom.

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