Wicanders Seville Xtec Cork Flooring

Wicanders Seville Xtec Cork Flooring

A neat little fact is cork can in fact be compressed by pretty much as forty % and return to the design of its with no damage. This particular procedure doesn't hurt the cork oak tree and makes it possible for it to re grow a fresh level of bark. You'll find lots of advantages of cork flooring surfaces for the customer. Actually, majority of the countries which produce cork have strict laws protecting these trees and the harvesting process. Suberin is a waxy kind of substance which makes the cork impervious to fluids as well as the cork won't rot if it is subjected to liquid or water like a hardwood or even laminate. The procedure for harvesting the bark is actually harmless to the cork oak tree and actually leaves it intact.

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Wicanders Seville Xtec Cork Flooring


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Hopefully, this guide can help make the verdict of yours on natural cork as a flooring product. That is right, cork is an environmentally friendly product, so if you are into the green movement like many others I am certain you would like to know much more. These advantages once again solidify a good reason to use cork in the bathroom and kitchen. As a result, we do not have to cut down trees to get cork. A lot of people wonder exactly how a wood based floor could be both durable and comfortable at the very same time. Once you in fact see cork flooring installed in your house you won't believe just how beautiful it's. The flooring material of its comes from cork oak bark as well as the manufacturing procedures of its are run by wind.

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